Astrum Technologies is a B2B software solutions company that provides businesses with tailormade solutions that fit seamlessly within your business model.


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At Astrum, we believe one size does not fit all – our products are designed from inception to creation with their unique problem domains in mind, as opposed to being re-badged solutions. Additionally, we maintain ‘adverse conditions’ variants for a few of our products that give our clients additional options where circumstances demand it.





Device Related Services

Our devices are fully customisable and can be ordered directly from the factory. Customers are able to specify APN settings or network configurations which are then preloaded onto the device so that they are ready for immediate use.

Backend Related Services

Our backend related services offer our customers use of our transaction processing system. Once the transactions are uploaded, they are the transferred to the customer. Should a customer wish to maintain their own infrastructure, we will provide comprehensive support for any components.


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Customisable range of M2M Hardware

What sets Astrum apart is our completely customisable range of M2M hardware, embedded software, and cloud-based back-end data-processing products. We are constantly innovating to provide intelligent products that are able to operate, for the most part, autonomously.

We pride ourselves on our highly reliable and fault tolerant operation and understand that complex problem-solving and in-depth analysis is key to finding the perfect solution for your business.

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